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Welcome to Dive Log Online. An online resource website for cataloging and discussing all the best scuba diving sites around the world. Formed by a coalition of divers from around the globe, we pool our combined passion and knowledge for scuba diving to provide you with top notch info!

scuba diving in greece
scuba diving in greece

This site came into existence in a small bar in Costa Rica, when a group of local divers were mulling over the best scuba diving locations in the world. There did not seem to be any directory discussing the best places for those looking to plan a dive trip. The idea was bounced around about forming a website to do exactly that and that is how dive log online was formed. We use it as our digital dive log and scuba diving location recommendation for anyone interested in this cool water sport!

The various contributors to this site have been all over the world from fresh water to tropical diving and love to share our reports back with you. From the Bahamas and Key west, to between continental plates in Iceland or the exotic shores of Thailand, there is something to be found for everyone! We plan on accepting articles submitted from any aspiring scuba divers / writers and if you are interested in contributing simply send us an email: stories (at) divelogonline.com

If you are planning an upcoming scuba diving trip be sure to check out our related posts to know what scuba gear to bring with you, the best local dive shops and general ins and outs of the area. Scuba diving in Belize is completely different than the costa waters of British Colombia. With our guides to the right scuba equipment and dive sites, we hope to help you have an amazing and safe dive. Keep enjoying scuba diving around the world and share your experiences with us!