Dive spot: Cuba!

Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean and the westernmost island of the Greater Antilles. Cuba offers some of the best diving packages to divers of all levels of expertise and is definitely one of the  best places to go scuba diving in the world.

Cuba’s spectacular insular platform, of around 26,190 square miles , has excellent scuba-diving spots throughout all the island archipelago.

Cuba’s warm 25 degree Celsius  waters are crystal clear and extremely pristine. Barely any coral destruction or pollution has taken place, making it ideal for a diving holiday on this island paradise. The visibility is usually 30 to 40 meters, and Cuba’s scuba diving holiday makers will delight in the underwater sights unveiled before their eyes. Home to 75 species of coral and 200 species of sponges!

Scuba diving in Cuba has been developed on the basis of conservation and preservation of the underwater ecosystems. Modern dive equipment is readily available for divers of all skill level, and sites are located in the most gorgeous natural areas of the insular shelf, many of which have been declared protected marine conservation areas.

Cuba is a wonderful destination for scuba divers of all skill and experience levels. You can visit all of Cuba’s great dive sites including the famous bay of pigs, not to be missed!

If you have never tried scuba diving before, or if it’s been a while since your last dive trip, many Cuban diving centers offer instructors that can help you quickly brush up on all the basic techniques. Usually, after orientation and education sessions, you can start small, doing a couple relaxing dives in shallow waters before going on more demanding dives. At Cuban dive shops, beginners can often qualify to get in the water by combining a couple hours of class with sessions in a pool and soon be on their way to being certified scuba divers.

Diving resorts that Cuba offers are getting more and more abundant with each year, and with facilities that meet all the modern  technical demands, you can bet that safety and fun are the two top priorities. Both novice and experienced divers will find scuba diving in Cuba to be highly rewarding and very exciting. We even got to try out this very cool looking full face snorkel mask in between dives!

The Cuban government, which is now supporting the country’s growing tourism industry more than ever, has declared a number of the country’s best dive spots as protected areas. This means you can enjoy an environment that is most definitely well-suited for the cause without worrying about a negative ecological impact.

Scuba diving in Cuba can be enjoyed year round, as the water temperatures vary little from month to month. Due to the economic situation in cuba, dive excursions can be found for a decent price and for the sheer quality of the various dive sites, this is one of the best bang for your buck scuba diving locations in the world.

amazing corals while scuba diving in cuba
amazing corals to be seen while scuba diving

Diving is available all around the archipelago at an extensive range of dive sites, where you will find some of the richest corals of the Caribbean. There are spots for beginner diver and even a few great technical diving locations to be had for the more experienced in a dive group. This is a very versatile spot for this amazing water sport.

The reefs form fissures, chimneys walls and canyons and are filled with over seventy species of coral and over two hundred species of sponge including rope, tube, vase and ear sponges. In August, September and November you may be lucky enough to see whale sharks. The wildlife is abundant thanks to the marine conservation efforts and it is common to see sharks, rays and eels during a dive. Along with thousands of fish of course!

whale shark and scuba diver
gentle giants of the sea!