Scuba diving in Greece!

The present economic situation in Greece can seem intimidating, but as outsiders on vacation there, it did not really seem to effect us in a major negative way. we were there to go scuba diving and even with lugging our heavy scuba gear across the Mediterranean, we could not be happier. The sea was a deep, awe inspiring blue and we could tell right off the bat the scuba diving conditions were going to be amazing.

greece scuba diving ocean view
such a gorgeous sea to dive into!

My wife Jill and I had booked 6 days on the coast before heading to the Greek islands for more scuba adventure. On top of the amazing under sea life, the nightlife and food were fantastic. Everything seemed reasonably priced and even the dive tours were fairly in expensive, the one major cost of any dive trip.

So for the last 3 days of our scuba diving trip we spent it on a fantastic liveaboard boat. 2 dives a day for 3 days was a great way to experience the Greek islands and the wildlife did not disappoint. the corals and large variety of fish and smaller sharks, alongside majestic rays.

Thankfully the dive boat team had a fantastic handle on all our scuba gear and made getting ready for each dive a quick and easy process. Fins were always properly stored and they never lost a dive mask. We brought our own gear including some brand new dive computers we recently purchased via and couldn’t be happier with the results.

mykonos scuba diving adventure
scuba diving off the coast of mykonos in full scuba gear

The ocean was so crystal clear that many people spent a lot of their time between dives freediving off the side of the boat, a very fun and splashy time. The group we were diving with was fairly small, 3 other couples and 2 solo travelers so whenever we were under the waves we tended to stick in groups of 4 with a dive master which meant a far more intimate scuba diving experience. Overall our time scuba diving in Greece was thoroughly enjoyable, and we will be coming back next year!