The sunken wreck diving sites of Pulau

The hull of the ship emerged out of the deep, like a giant underwater spire, my heart rate increased and I was instantly in love with wreck diving. The crystal blue water was calm and fish swam about, doing whatever it is that fish do all day.

scuba diving in pulau
one of our dive sites

Pulau offers some amazing scuba diving and is one of the more remote places in the world to take a vacation. It is almost like stepping back in time and visiting a primordial island. The people there are friendly and the roads are in terrible condition. life moves slow but the locals don’t seem to mind. The lush jungle covered hills are only outdone by the azure blue ocean waters surrounding the islands that make up the local archipelago.

under the water, dolphins swim and turtles lazily coast around the gorgeous corals. We brought our own scuba diving equipment on this trip, unsure if the local dive centers would have enough gear for the 5 of us at once. When we say it is a laid back small town vibe, we mean it! Luckily the dive shops in the area are still extremely professional and offered up a couple of experienced dive masters to show us the local waters.

paradise scuba diving location
pure paradise for snorkeling too!

My wrist dive computer beeped a warning and I realized I was lost in thought and starting to descend too deep, another reason why I always bring it with me on every dive! with a few kicks of my fins I was back in the safe level and staring head on at the broken ship, scattered about the bottom in front of me. WOW, time had taken it’s toll and the once mighty old warship was slowly becoming part of the reef itself. fish and small sharks darted in and out of the various holes in the side of the ship and I looked around for my fellow scuba divers. They were having just as much of a blast as I was!

I peeked my head inside the larger hole near the aft of the ship and came face to face with a huge grouper who was chilling in the safety of the steel hull. He looked at me and I looked back, both caught up in an interesting experience. I love that about scuba diving and snorkeling, interacting with the marine life and becoming aware that there is more to the planet than just yourself. It makes you feel humbled and small, but at the same time part of a larger whole, and I love it.

We spent the next 3 days diving on various wrecks around the islands, some crashed WW2 fighter planes and battle ships, along with some old ruined galleons from an age long forgotten. It was a fantastic trip and one of the best scuba diving sites in the world. The waters are not too deep, and perfectly warm. We would recommend this to anyone who enjoys tropical scuba diving and traveling to spots that are more off the beaten path. Somtimes it is nice to get away from the typical tourist trail and experience something wild!