Why you should always bring your own scuba gear

Sometimes you just have those scuba diving trips where everything seems to want to go wrong. We nearly had one of those ourselves recently, but thankfully we came fully equipped with all of our own scuba gear. The best advantage you can get is not having to rely on dive shops to supply scuba equipment and we were thanking our lucky stars we thought to bring our own.

99% of the time a scuba diving shop has plenty of gear go around, and this is the one instance where they didn’t. It was a small local dive shop on caye caulker, a small island spit off the coast of Belize. All the charm of a tiny south american rasta town and gorgeous reefs to explore and plenty of nurse sharks to swim with on every dive.  After 5 days of exploring the mainland and the surrounding cayes, we landed on caulker and couldn’t wait to start scuba diving.

belize scuba diving location
beautiful diving to be had at caye caulker.

When we arrived at the dive shop they informed us that all their available scuba gear had been suddenly booked by a large private charter. Normally we would have had to postpone our dive but thankfully this trip we had decided to bring all of our own scuba equipment 🙂 We informed the dive company that we would be fine with our own scuba gear and all we needed was a ride on the boat out to the dive site, and a local divemaster to show us around the reef for the first few days.

Needless to say they were very happy we had our own gear, everything from fins and BCD, to a recently purchased Suunto dive computer. SO the following morning when it was time to push off (bright and early) we simply carted it all down onto the boat and took off for 5 more days of gorgeous scuba diving with out own equipment. The sights we saw were magnificent and we will certainly be recommending anyone thinking of going to dive in Belize to spring to action and do it!

From now on we will always bring our own scuba diving equipment wherever we go on vacation, just to avoid any unpleasant complications that could arise. We were so lucky this time!

scuba diving with nurse sharks
nurse sharks and sea stars! awesome scuba diving